Call Congress

Call About S-510

We all need to work together to stop this bill from gaining any support in the Senate and keep any portion of it from becoming law. Read More Here

What to Say:
“Hello, I am______________, a constituent (if you are) of Senator________ and I am calling to ask him/her to support the following proposed amendments to S 510 offered by the POP Campaign: “The POP Amendment” saying NO to irradiation and pasteurization of organics and “The CODEX Amendment” on excluding organics from harmonization with CODEX. Thank you.

The POP Amendment:

“In the case of farming, production, processing and the sale of organic (produce, fruit, nuts, herbs), no form of irradiation or pasteurization shall be required or used.”

Secondly, clear language exists in S 510 to “harmonize with CODEX” and be consistent with the World Trade Organization policies.   Nothing grown, produced, and consumed within the “good old US of A” boundaries should be subject to anything CODEX requires or the WTO is concerned about.  These are ONLY trade related regulatory bodies and rules. It is essential they be contained and stay this way, if at all.  US laws stand alone, without being trumped by the international CODEX food rules or the WTO agendas pertaining to organics.

The CODEX Amendment:

“Organic produce, fruits, herbs, and nuts, grown and consumed within the United States, shall be exempt from CODEX harmonization.”


Report Results Back

Coordination and tracking of each legislator’s position to this issue is critical. After your call, please send an brief email to our lobbyist, Beth Clay at with these points of information:

a.Name of Senator you called

b.Name of the staff person You spoke with

c.The position if stated that the Senator is taking on the bill

d.Any questions the staff had or follow up requested.


Follow The Call Up with a Letter

A sample letter is provided here. You may fax it directly to your Senator or if you want our lobbyist Ms. Clay to deliver it personally, fax it to 202-318-7557. (If you bundle letters and mail them, email her at for the address. She will make an appointment with your Senators and take them in personally.)


Senate Numbers

Call 1-202-224-3121 – This will take you to the Capital swithchboard. Ask for your Senators’ office or tell them what state you are from and they will connect you to your Senator.

Or you can find a comprehensive list of phone numbers for Congress here. The link will take you to the site “Contacting The Congress”, which is a website that deals exclusively with keeping up to date contact information for both the Senate and the House of Representatives. The numbers are listed below as well:

United States Senate Telephone and Fax List

May 2010  (Updates May 2012)

Last Revised May 7, 2010, Email Updates or Corrections to

State Senator Party Telephone Number


Senator Mark Begich D 202-224-3004

Senator Lisa Murkowski R 202-224-6665


Senator Jeff Sessions R 202-224-4124

Senator Richard Shelby R 202-224-5744


Senator John Boozman R 202-224-4843

Senator Mark Pryor D 202-224-2353


Senator Jon Kyl R 202-224-4521

Senator John McCain R 202-224-2235


Senator Barbara Boxer D 202-224-3553

Senator Dianne Feinstein D 202-224-3841


Senator Michael F. Bennett D 202-224-5852

Senator Mark Udall D 202-224-5941


Senator Richard Blumenthal D 202-224-2823

Senator Joseph Lieberman I 202-224-4041


Senator Thomas Carper D 202-224-2441

Senator Chris Coons D 202-224-5042


Senator Marco Rublio R 202-224-3041

Senator Bill Nelson D 202-224-5274


Senator Saxby Chambliss R 202-224-3521

Senator Johnny Isakson R 202-224-3643


Senator Daniel Akaka D 202-224-6361

Senator Daniel Inouye D 202-224-3934


Senator Charles Grassley R 202-224-3744

Senator Tom Harkin D 202-224-3254


Senator Michael Crapo R 202-224-6142

Senator Jim Risch R 202-224-2752


Senator Mark Kirk R  202-224-2854

Senator Richard Durbin D 202-224-2152


Senator Daniel Coats R 202-224-5623

Senator Richard Lugar R 202-224-4814


Senator Jerry Moran R 202-224-6521

Senator Pat Roberts R 202-224-4774


Senator Paul Rand R 202-224-4343

Senator Mitch McConnell R 202-224-2541


Senator Vitter David R 202-224-4623

Senator Mary Landrieu D 202-224-5824


Senator Scott Brown R 202-224-4543

Senator John Kerry D 202-224-2742


Senator Benjamin Cardin D 202-224-4524

Senator Barbara Mikulski D 202-224-4654


Senator Susan Collins R 202-224-2523

Senator Olympia Snowe R 202-224-5344


Senator Carl Levin D 202-224-6221

Senator Debbie Stabenow D 202-224-4822


Senator Al Franken D 202-224-5641

Senator Amy Klobuchar D 202-224-3244


Senator Roy Blunt R 202-224-5721

Senator Claire McCaskill D 202-224-6154


Senator Thad Cochran R 202-224-5054

Senator Roger Wicker R 202-224-6253


Senator Max Baucus D 202-224-2651

Senator Jon Tester D 202-224-2644

North Carolina

Senator Richard Burr R 202-224-3154

Senator Kay Hagan D 202-224-6342

North Dakota

Senator Kent Conrad D 202-224-2043

Senator John Hoeven R 202-224-2551


Senator Mike Johanns R 202-224-4224

Senator Ben Nelson D 202-224-6551

New Hampshire

Senator Kelly Ayotte R 202-224-3324

Senator Jeanne Shaheen D 202-224-2841

New Jersey

Senator Frank Lautenberg D 202-224-3224

Senator Robert Menendez D 202-224-4744

New Mexico

Senator Jeff Bingaman D 202-224-5521

Senator Tom Udall D 202-224-6621


Senator Dean Heller R 202-224-6244

Senator Harry Reid D 202-224-3542

New York

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand D 202-224-4451

Senator Charles Schumer D 202-224-6542


Senator Sherrod Brown D 202-224-2315

Senator RobPortman R 202-224-3353


Senator Thomas Coburn R 202-224-5754

Senator James Inhofe R 202-224-4721


Senator Jeff Merkley D 202-224-3753

Senator Ron Wyden D 202-224-5244


Senator Robert Casey D 202-224-6324

Senator Patrick Toomey R 202-224-4254

Rhode Island

Senator Jack Reed D 202-224-4642

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse D 202-224-2921

South Carolina

Senator Jim DeMint R 202-224-6121

Senator Lindsey Graham R 202-224-5972

South Dakota

Senator Thune John R 202-224-2321

Senator Tim Johnson D 202-224-5842


Senator Lamar Alexander R 202-224-4944

Senator Bob Corker R 202-224-3344


Senator John Cornyn R 202-224-2934

Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison R 202-224-5922


Senator Mike Lee R 202-224-5444

Senator Orrin Hatch R 202-224-5251


Senator Mark Warner D 202-224-2023

Senator Jim Webb D 202-224-4024


Senator Patrick Leahy D 202-224-4242

Senator Bernard Sanders I 202-224-5141


Senator Maria Cantwell D 202-224-3441

Senator Patty Murray D 202-224-2621


Senator Ron Johnson R 202-224-5323

Senator Herbert Kohl D 202-224-5653

West Virginia

Senator Joe Manchin D 202-224-3954

Senator John Rockefeller D 202-224-6472


Senator John Barrasso R 202-224-3424

Senator Michael Enzi R 202-224-3424