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Tuesday, November 30, 2010 @ 08:11 AM
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Thanks for ALL of your support on the push back and throughout the year – our community is what we are about.

The Food Safety Bill has passed in Senate 73-25 and now goes to House for reconciliation which we’ve been told will be quick with no changes. Our engagement in this process with all of you has made this bill much less onerous than what we started with.

What did we achieved as the POP Campaign? Last December we got Senators Harken and Hatch going on the record that the FDA could not harmonize Codex regs for dietary supplements without Congress. Over the year, we got small business exemption language in the bill, furthered by the Tester Amendment, we got clarification that farmers markets and road side stands are not adversely affected, we got an arms length protection over our personal gardens through many discussions (only in an emergency), and a significant report-back of the FDA to Congress on its implementation of Codex. There has been much traction and credible visibility all along the way with our presence in DC with Beth Clay and participation in discussions at so many levels.

This is just the beginning of our work to engage with the FDA in its regulatory process and hearings. We will as a community need to watch-dog and educate the decision makers who will write the new regulations to protect our organic community and choices. We promise you, if the FDA goes too far, the POP Campaign will reengage in the 112th congress to take appropriate action.

Thanks for all of your support – keep it coming and we will keep your voice alive.

In the January Hippocrates magazine – Healing Our World, there will be a new article presenting future POP Campaign strategies – we hope to work with you towards healthy food freedom and choices.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010 @ 10:11 AM
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MUCH ACTIVITY IN THE SENATE ON TUESDAY – KEEP CALLING AND EDUCATING SENATORS HOW YOU FEEL – Call Your Senators: Urge A Vote NO on S. 510–The Food Safety Bill! (phone #’s below)

S. 510, Food Safety Legislation is slated to come to a vote on the Senate floor on Monday, November 29.  While the bill has been improved from a year ago, it still provides an expansion of government into the lives and decisions of Americans regarding foods, farming, and dietary supplements.  This bill includes provisions that authorize the government to map the entire food production system and to track every food product we purchase and grow.
Senator Reid of Nevada, after barely holding on to the majority in the Senate and keeping his job as Senator and Majority Leader, has made S. 510 a priority for passage before the 111th Congressional session ends this year.  This Bill is expensive, intrusive, and will not make the food supply safer.  It will however compromise your liberty and privacy while driving the costs of foods higher.
The numerous policies and guidelines to be developed are to be ‘science-based’.  The problem with this is that most of the research the government will rely on comes from the agricultural giants who have been pushing small farmers and even heritage seeds out of the marketplace.
Behind the scenes, orchestrating ‘food safety’ legislation in the United States is a strategic plan of the UN’s Codex Alimentarius Commission for every nation to develop “national food control systems’ including legislation on food safety and which promote and adopt Codex Guidelines. The fabric of America does not include ‘food control’ laws, but that is exactly what S. 510 launches.
We have a “once-in-a-lifetime” chance to stop this Bill before it becomes law.  Call your own two Senators (listed below).  ASK YOUR SENATORS TO VOTE NO ON S. 510 – THE FOOD SAFETY BILL. If we can convince 51 Senators to vote NO on S. 510, Victory is ours.
Target your calls and faxes for Sunday night and Monday – and until the vote is taken. See examples of letters or faxes and support for your calls under “Act Now” tab and “Senate Letters”.
A * in the last column means they are a Republican that voted yes on the motion to proceed and should be called to encourage a NO vote.  A # in the last column means they are in an agricultural state and should be encouraged to vote NO.

Senator            Party      Telephone             Fax          How Voted     Ag State


Mark Begich          D      202-224-3004  (f) 202-224-2354      Yes
Lisa Murkowski    R      202-224-6665  (f) 202-224-5301    Did Not Vote


Jeff Sessions         R     202-224-4124  (f) 202-224-3149        No               Yes
Richard Shelby     R     202-224-5744  (f) 202-224-2316        No               Yes


Blanche Lincoln  D    202-224-4843  (f) 202-228-1371        No               Yes
Mark Pryor            D    202-224-2353   (f) 202-228-0908      Yes              Yes


Jon Kyl                    R    202-224-4521    (f) 202-224-2207       No              Yes
John McCain         R    202-224-2235     (f) 202-228-2862     No              Yes


Barbara Boxer        D   202-224-3553   (f) 202-224-0454        Yes             Yes
Dianne Feinstein  D   202-224-3841   (f) 202-228-3954        Yes             Yes


Michael  Bennett  D  202-224-5852   (f)  202-224-6471        Yes             Yes
Mark Udall            D  202-224-5941    (f)  202-224-6471        Yes             Yes


Christopher Dodd D 202-224-2823 (f) 202-224-1083           Yes
Joseph Lieberman  I  202-224-4041 (f)  202-224-9750         Yes


Thomas Carper     D  202-224-2441    (f) 202-228-2190         Yes
Chris Coons           D  202-224-5042   (f) 202-228-3075         Yes


George LeMieux    R  202-224-3041    (f) 202-228-5171          Yes*
Bill Nelson              D 202-224-5274     (f) 202-228-2183         Yes


Saxby Chambliss    R 202-224-3521      (f) 202-224-0103        No        Yes
Johnny Isakson      R 202-224-3643      (f) 202-228-0724       No        Yes


Daniel Akaka          D 202-224-6361      (f) 202-224-2126        Yes
Daniel Inouye          D 202-224-3934     (f) 202-224-6747        Yes


Charles Grassley      R 202-224-3744     (f) 202-224-6020       Yes*
Tom Harkin              D 202-224-3254     (f) 202-224-6020       Yes


Michael Crapo          R 202-224-6142      (f) 202-228-1375       No       Yes
Jim Risch                   R 202-224-2752      (f) 202-224-2573       No       Yes


Roland Burris           D 202-224-2854      (f) 202-228-3333      Yes
Richard Durbin        D 202-224-2152      (f) 202-228-0400      Yes


Evan Bayh                 D 202-224-5623      (f) 202-228-1377       Yes      Yes
Richard Lugar          R 202-224-4814      (f) 202-228-0360       Yes*    Yes


Sam Brownback      R 202-224-6521      (f) 202-228-1373        No
Pat Roberts               R 202-224-4774      (f) 202-224-3514         No


Jim Bunning            R 202-224-4343     (f) 202-228-1373         No
Mitch McConnell    R 202-224-2541     (f) 202-224-2499          No


Vitter David             R 202-224-4623      (f) 202-228-5061        Yes*     Yes
Mary Landrieu        D 202-224-5824     (f) 202-224-9735         Yes      Yes


Scott Brown            R 202-224-4543       (f) 202-228-2646       Yes *
John Kerry              D  202-224-2742      (f) 202-224-8525       Yes


Benjamin Cardin   D 202-224-4524       (f) 202-224-1651       Yes
Barbara Mikulski   D 202-224-4654      (f) 202-224-8858      Yes


Susan Collins          R 202-224-2523       (f) 202-224-2693      Yes*
Olympia Snowe      R 202-224-5344       (f) 202-224-1946       Yes*


Carl Levin                 D 202-224-6221     (f) 202-224-1388       Yes
Debbie Stabenow    D 202-224-4822    (f) 202-228-0325       Yes


Al Franken               D 202-224-5641    (f) 202-224-0044        Yes      Yes
Amy Klobuchar       D 202-224-3244    (f) 202-228-2186        Yes      Yes


Christopher Bond    R 202-224-5721    (f) 202-224-8149         No
Claire McCaskill      D 202-224-6154   (f) 202-228-6326          Yes


Thad Cochran          R 202-224-5054  (f) 202-224-9450          No
Roger Wicker           R 202-224-6253   (f) 202-228-0378         No


Max Baucus             D 202-224-2651   (f) 202-224-9412           Yes      Yes
Jon Tester                D 202-224-2644   (f) 202-224-8594           Yes      Yes

North Carolina

Richard Burr             R 202-224-3154      (f) 202-228-2981       Yes*
Kay Hagan                D 202-224-6342      (f) 202-228-2563        Yes

North Dakota

Kent Conrad              D 202-224-2043       (f) 202-224-7776     Yes       Yes
Byron Dorgan           D 202-224-2551        (f) 202-224-1193      Yes


Mike Johanns          R 202-224-4224       (f) 202-228-0436     Yes*   Yes
Ben Nelson                D 202-224-6551       (f) 202-228-0012      No      Yes

New Hampshire

Judd Gregg                R 202-224-3324     (f) 202-224-4952       Yes*
Jeanne Shaheen      D 202-224-2841     (f) 202-228-3194       Yes

New Jersey

Frank Lautenberg    D 202-224-3224 (f) 202-228-4054           Yes
Robert Menendez     D 202-224-4744  (f) 202-228-2197           Yes

New Mexico

Jeff Bingaman          D 202-224-5521    (f) 202-224-2852        Yes      Yes
Tom Udall                  D 202-224-6621    (f)  202-228-3261       Yes      Yes


John Ensign              R 202-224-6244    (f) 202-228-2193       Yes*    Yes
Harry Reid                 D 202-224-3542     (f) 202-224-7327       Yes      Yes

New York

Kirsten Gillibrand    D 202-224-4451    (f) 202-228-0282       Yes      Yes
Charles Schumer      D 202-224-6542    (f) 202-228-3027        Yes      Yes


Sherrod Brown          D 202-224-2315      (f) 202-228-6321      Yes
George Voinovich     R 202-224-3353      (f) 202-228-1382      Yes*


Thomas Coburn         R 202-224-5754       (f) 202-224-6008    No     Yes
James Inhofe              R 202-224-4721       (f) 202-228-0380    No     Yes


Jeff Merkley                 D 202-224-3753      (f) 202-228-3997    Yes
Ron Wyden                  D 202-224-5244      (f) 202-228-2717     Yes


Robert Casey               D 202-224-6324     (f) 202-228-2717       Yes      Yes
Arlen Specter              D 202-224-4254     (f) 202-2281229         Yes      Yes

Rhode Island

Jack Reed                     D 202-224-4642     (f) 202-24-4680      Yes
Sheldon Whitehouse  D 202-224-2921     (f) 202-228-6362    Yes

South Carolina

Jim DeMint                 R 202-224-6121       (f) 202-228-5143    No       Yes
Lindsey Graham           R 202-224-5972    (f) 202-224-3808   No       Yes

South Dakota

Thune John                  R 202-224-2321     (f) 202-228-5429    Yes*   Yes
Tim Johnson               D  202-224-5842    (f) 202-228-5765    Yes     Yes


Lamar Alexander        R 202-224-4944     (f) 202-228-3398   Yes*
Bob Corker                    R   202-224-3344   (f) 202-228-0566    Yes*


John Cornyn                 R  202-224-2934    (f) 202-228-2856   No    Yes
Kay Bailey Hutchison R 202-224-5922     (f) 202-224-0776   No    Yes


Robert Bennett              R 202-224-5444      (f) 202-228-1168   No     Yes
Orrin Hatch                   R 202-224-5251      (f) 202-224-6331    No      Yes


Mark Warner                D 202-224-2023      (f) 202-224-6295    Yes
Jim Webb                       D 202-224-4024      (f) 202-228-6363    Yes


Patrick Leahy                D 202-224-4242         (f) 202-224-3479    Yes      Yes
Bernard Sanders          I  202-224-5141          (f) 202-228-0776      Yes


Maria Cantwell             D 202-224-3441        (f) 202-228-0514   Yes
Patty  Murray                 D  202-224-2621       (f) 202-224-0238   Yes


Russ Feingold                D 202-224-5323         (f) 202-224-2725     Yes     Yes
Herbert Kohl                  D 202-224-5653          (f) 202-224-9787    Yes     Yes

West Virginia

Joe Manchin                  D 202-224-3954          (f) 202-228-0002     Yes     Yes
John Rockefeller           D 202-224-6472          (f) 202-224-7665       Yes     Yes


John Barrasso               R 202-224-6441              (f) 202-221724       Yes*   Yes
Michael Enzi                  R 202-224-3424             (f)  202-228-0359  Yes     Yes

Tuesday, November 23, 2010 @ 08:11 PM
posted by Mik and Rudi
The Genie is out of the bottle…and it is MOM…and she knows how to empower herself while supporting a great cause – the POP Campaign.
Hundreds of thousands of Moms in this country and globally are getting outraged about their food choices.
MOMS are the major stakeholders in food and set the blueprint for healthy choices and organic quality. MOMS want to bring into the daily lives  of children and families the honest truth about food, the most “common sense” shopping methods and costs, and the correctness of healthy food choices. The POP Campaign trusts the instincts of informed Mom’s across this country. MOMS trust other MOMS who really care.  MOMS always want to stay away from that what harms – it simply is instinctual – and  MOMS who stand up against toxic food and stand for organic vibrant healthy food make a huge difference on the planet.
MOMS4POP invites MOMS across the World to SPEAK UP, TO SHOW UP, and TO PRESERVE ORGANIC POWER – while becoming economically empowered and economically empowering other MOMS to do the same.
MOMS4POP invites a MOM to:
  • Support the healthiest choices and whole food products.  One that supports the campaign is Mila, a proprietary blend of the most nutrient dense chia seeds available in the world – packed with Omega 3’s, fiber, protein, phytonutrients and antioxidants!  Mila is a “word of mouth marketing” business opportunity… when you (mom) purchase and make money, Pop makes money too!  It’s a win/win! Mila is brain food and highly nutritious for babies, children, adults, pets and also good for pregnant and nursing woman.
  • Engage in “Shop Talk” –Mom’s share what they know with at least one other cart-pusher in the market by pointing out “bad” food and sharing other options to elevate awareness.
  • Support each other economically and the POP Campaign educational and research efforts through her efforts and networks, becoming a driving, self-sufficient economic force
  • Call on MOMS to take a stand against toxic food and make pro organic, healthy food choices.
… and more fun stuff to come including an updated  site
Contact  to participate i and learn more about these fresh exciting opportunities available to MOMS who care!
Thursday, November 18, 2010 @ 10:11 AM
posted by Rudi

On Wednesday 11/18, the Senate passed a cloture vote on the Food Safety Bill S-510 – a vote for heading off a filibuster by setting a time limit to debate, to allow discussion, and to move the bill towards eventual passage. There is a 30 hour time limit triggered which is running even when the Senate is not in session. This means that there will be another procedural vote, on 11/19 at the latest, to move the Bill forward to set up a vote.

It is expected that the vote will be held after Thanksgiving – primary reason is that Chairman Harkin will be issuing a new version of his package which may include additional language and amendments below. Last time the bill grew by nearly 40 pages. There is a rule to post this bill for 3 DAYS before the vote – so everyone can read it and figure out what it says. (Scary how little time is spent understanding ramifications of what passes.)

CHRISTMAS TREE? YES – because so many Senators want to hang on to the Bill their presents and legacies to their Consumers – e.g. Senator Spector (his last Hurrah) with his Steroids Bill, Criminalization Bill – even though the issues of penalties have not been discussed, the BPA amendment, Tester Amendment exempting small growers and personal garden, Senator Coburn’s fiscal control, and 10 or so more. There are many problems and issues with these – it is still not clear how many will be allowed.

HUGE concern, especially for Republicans is the $ 1.6 Billion price tag for the bill over the next 5 years -a conservative figure – phew.

The Democrats have the majority – this is all that is needed – OUR FOCUS will be to educate those on the fence – VERY HEAVY negotiations are going on at this time – parliamentary proceeders gone wild. Stay tuned.

CALLS YOUR SENATORS: There will be a huge information blasts to everyone we know to CALL YOUR SENATORS : YOU CAN ALSO DO THIS TODAY – This bill is NOT good for consumers – it is bigger and expensive government, will drive small businesses out of business, cost of food WILL increase fro ALL OF US, encroachment of regulations will reach our personal gardens (right now, no kidding). This bill does not solve the Food Safety issues or make food safer – the FDA has the power to do this now and does not – there is a need to rethink this entire food strategy next Congress. VOTE NO, Senator

See the numbers on our site: Only change is West Virginia where Senator Mansion has replaced Senator Byrd – 202-224-3954.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010 @ 11:11 PM
posted by Rudi

On Wednesday, 11/17, the Senate moved a cloture vote on the Food Safety Modernization Act – 74-25, with all Democrats and more than a dozen Republicans in support. This is NOT a vote on the bill and, there still should be another procedural vote tomorrow. A final vote is expected in the coming days ( we are expecting this after Thanksgiving). We will get a complete handle on the landscape and let you know – STAND BY.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010 @ 08:11 AM
posted by Rudi

There is an agenda to move S-510 to the floor for a vote this week. If it goes, there will be many attempts to attach spending projects to the bill, which is a huge problem for Republicans. MAJOR player is Senator Tom Coburn who blocked the bill from coming to the floor before the election – he is KEY AGAIN. If he does not budge, the bill will not be able to be heard.

Please call his office and give him support and tell him to stand firm. Otherwise -stand by as we get live feed from our person on the ground – Beth Clay. Senator Tom Coburn (R) – 202-224-5754

Monday, November 1, 2010 @ 09:11 AM
posted by Rudi