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Saturday, August 14, 2010 @ 10:08 AM
posted by Rudi

As time ticks on in the battle for our food and supplement freedom, the POP Campaign continues to take an active and highly visible role  – invested in the outcome. Currently, we stand poised for a response to one of the biggest issues so far this year – S-510: FDA Food Safety Modernization Act as well as any action towards restricting our choices or use of supplements.

Currently, S 510 is still waiting on the Senate calendar to be scheduled for a vote. The Food Safety bill has no specific date for coming to the Senate floor for a vote, but as far as we know, a scheduled assignment can have a 48-hour turn around! We stay alert.  The primary causes for delays, besides our own educational efforts as well as those of so many of you, have been ‘extender bills’ and major supplemental pieces of legislation that have priority such as the military and disaster relief—also the Supreme Court nominee hearings. These all have taken so much time. Of course, there also is the politics of the mid-term elections.

However, this does not mean that S 510 has become completely stagnant. Senator Harkin has yet to formally release his ‘manager’s amendment’ which still allows some maneuvering of language. We keep tabs on the pulse on the ground in Washington through one of our POP representatives, Beth Clay. Beth is working with Senators and Senate staff, especially Senators Harkin and Hatch, having scheduled a series of meetings to bring up our messages in person, provide sound educational input, and help frame the conversations and debate for better organics language. She also is keeping an eagle eye on any movement regarding supplements.

Your input as concerned citizens—especially the letters you have been writing and comments —have made a huge difference in steering the debate and educating representative on the issues. The POP Campaign is able to approach the key organics players with concerns from real folks who know about real situations. “Your letters are very helpful,” says Beth Clay, and “we all hope that you can keep up the hard work alongside us on this road to pure organics.”

The next step now is to help the POP Campaign turn S-510 into a national issue, sharing yours desires and knowledge about organic food and educating on your choices and freedoms. Right now is the perfect time to make this happen.  For example, during these mid-term elections, we may have the opportunity to speak with our representatives in person to steer questions and dialogue towards organic foods, supplements, and S-510. We ask you to help us frame the national debate around organic foods by continuing to write letters, make phone calls, and bring up great points and questions. So often, it is about making our government aware of an issue and sharing specific facts, ideas, concepts, studies, etc. so that those in policy making roles can be informed to clearly discern and formulate a good idea vs. a bad one. Together, we could have all types of representatives, governors, senators, and state legislators all working towards our cause as well. Help us make our issue a global issue – it is essential that everyone have the freedom to choose healthy food.

Stay tuned to the POP Campaign to keep up to date on the most recent actions. Also, check out our past blogs or our ‘Issues’ section for more general information on bills and issues. Note your push backs and pushes forwards – it all makes a huge difference.

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