Action Calls

Call About The Dietary Supplement Bill

We all need to work together to stop this bill from gaining any support in the Senate and keep any portion of it from becoming law. Read More Here.

1. Please Call Your Two Senators Today

  • Ask to speak to the person who manages health care topics (typically called the health legislative assistant).
  • Tell them you strongly oppose S. 3002, the McCain/Dorgan dietary supplement Bill and request that your Senator NOT Co-sponsor this bill.
  • Ask the staff person to follow up with you to confirm the Senator’s position.

2. If you Live in Arizona:

A. Call one of Senator McCain’s offices in the state to voice your disapproval of the bill.

    • Phoenix Office: (602) 952-2410
    • Prescott Office: (928) 445-0833
    • Tempe Office: (480) 897-6289
    • Tucson Office: (520) 670-6334

B. Make it an Election Issue: Contact the campaign offices of anyone running against Senator McCain especially in the Republican Primary to oppose this bill and promote continued protection of access to dietary supplements. (While non-profit organizations cannot endorse candidates for election and the Pop Campaign is not supporting or opposing any candidate, you as an individual who cares about these issues is encouraged to educate the candidates in Arizona.)

3.  If You Live in North Dakota:

A. Call one of Senator Dorgan’s offices in the state to voice your disapproval of the bill. Ask that he take himself off the bill as a sponsor.

    • Bismarck: (701) 250-4618
    • Fargo: (701) 239-5389
    • Minot (701) 852-0703
    • Grand Forks: (701) 746-8972
    • State Residents may also call Toll Free: (800) 666-4482

B. Make it an Election Issue: Senator Dorgan is retiring from the Senate at the end of his term this year. Contact the campaign offices of anyone running for his seat and educate them on the value of continued protection of access to dietary supplements. (While non-profit organizations cannot endorse candidates for election and the Pop Campaign is not supporting or opposing any candidate, you as an individual who cares about these issues is encouraged to educate the candidates in North Dakota.)


Fax About The Dietary Supplement Act

(Re: Dietary Supplement Act)

February 12, 2010

_________________, 2010

The Honorable  _______________________________:

United States Senate

Washington, DC 20515

Senators McCain and Dorgan have introduced a bill that is BAD for America!

S. 3002, the Dietary Supplement Safety Act of 2010 introduced by Senators McCain and Dorgan will cost jobs, raise the prices of dietary supplements, andrestrict my health liberty.  S. 3002 is regulatory overkill.  As your constituent, I urge you to oppose S. 3002.

The Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 19994 as amended was a hard fought victory for Americans.  I want you to protect it against this and all attacks.  I, like more than 2/3rds of Americans, use supplements; want to keep them affordable; and in the marketplace.

Don’t let dietary supplements be regulated out of existence! The FDA has sufficient authority to regulate dietary supplements. I don’t want their power expanded.  This bill will create an unreasonable regulatory burden for responsible manufacturers and distributors of dietary supplements.  It would even require truck stops, Seven-11’s and industrious individuals who sell supplements in multi-level marketing programs to register with the FDA, be subject to inspection, annual reporting requirements, and monetary penalties for failure to properly comply with these new proposed regulations.

S. 3002 will do nothing to stop the unlawful activity of a handful of unscrupulous businesses who prey on the athletes who seek performance enhancing products, whom Senator McCain claims he is trying to protect.

  • Dietary Supplements by and large are very safe and contribute significantly to improved health status.
  • Studies show that the use of dietary supplements in particular in seniors can lower the cost of health care.
  • S. 3002 would drive up costs and reduce access to quality products.
  • S. 3002 would harm small businesses.
  • S. 3002 is regulatory overkill.
  • As an American, I don’t want S. 3002. I want DSHEA protected.

The current Administration is aggressively enforcing the current law and needs no further powers or regulatory burdens.  S. 3002 would give the FDA unfettered recall authority and set the stage for abuses of power.  Please DO NOT Co-Sponsor S. 3002.

Name [Signature]                                                                        Name [Print]

Address                                                            City                                    State                        Zipcode+4


Nov. 14th, 2009

(Phone and Fax list is below – scroll down)

Here is how you do it!

Senators primarily respond to their constituents so contact your Senator. If your Senator is not on the Committee, then contact the Chair, Senator Tom Harkin’s Office and the Ranking Republican, Mike Enzi. We feel that all Senators represent all of us and we should be heard, so contact the ones in bold.

The next step is easy, Fax or call the Senator’s office (Scroll down for the phone list of Senators).

Say, for example:   “Hello, I am___________ and a constituent of Senator________ and I am calling to ask him/her to support the proposals for amendments to S 510 offered by The POP Campaign.

The POP Campaign recommends to the Senate, pertaining to S 510, that it instruct the FDA and insert the following language to limit the scope of the FDA guidelines and makes a strong statement for organics pertaining to CODEX harmonization.

• That the FDA develop in its guidelines clear language that protects and preserves consumer rights to grow, sell, buy and eat organic produce, fruits, nuts, seeds, legumes and herbs within the boundaries of the United States without compromising pure organic quality.
•  That the FDA, in its guidelines, insert clear language that exempts organic foods grown and consumed in the United States (produce, fruits, nuts, seeds, legumes and herbs) from the use of toxins, pesticides, preservatives, fertilization, irradiation, artificial ingredients, GMO’s or any other post harvest method that compromises organic quality.  Minimally, consistency with the Organic Food Act is a must.  (Note: that this exemption implies that special attention be directed to organics that cross state lines also not being subject to these methods.)
•  (To go the extra mile.) That the FDA is instructed to exempt from their guidelines
personal gardens, small farms, farmers markets, health institutes, fruit stands, and Indigenous Nations, for growing, selling, buying, and consuming organics within the United States.
•  Pertaining to Section 306: (b) and (c) (5) Building Capacity of Foreign Governments with Respect to Food: “ Recommendations to harmonize requirements under the CODEX Alementarius” .

Senate Health Committee Phone List

These are members of the Senate Health Committee participating in the mark-up of S 510 (The Food Safety Bill). Those in bold are the ones we are especially paying attention to.  Please call!


Senator                                    Phone                              Fax

Tom Harkin (IA)                202-224-3254              202-224-3533
Chair of Committee

Chris Dodd (CT)                      202-224-2823                202-224-1083

Barbara Mikulski (MD)         202-224-4654                202-224-8858

Jeff Bingaman (NM)         202-224-5521              No fax

Patty Murray (WA)                  202-224-2621               202-224-0238

Jack Reed (RI)                          202-224-4642              202-224-4680

Bernie Sanders (VT)          202-224-5141              202-228-0776

Sherrod Brown (OH)         202-224-2315              202-228-6321

Bob Casey (PA)                      202-224-6324              202-228-0604

Kay Hagan (NC)                    202-224-6342              202-228-2563

Jeff Merkley (OR)                 202-224-3753              202-228-3997

Al Franken (MN)                  202-224-5641           No fax

Michael Bennet (CO)           202-224-5852              202-228-5036


Senator                                        Phone                         Fax

Mike Enzi (WY)                     202-224-3424          202-228-0359 (F)
Ranking Republican

Judd Gregg (NH)                    202-224-3324              No fax

Lamar Alexander (TN)             202-224-4944              202-228-3398

Richard Burr (NC)                202-224-3154              202-228-2981`

Johnny Isakson (GA)           202-224-3643              202-228-0724

Orrin Hatch (UT)                   202-224-5251              202-224-6331

Pat Roberts (KS)                         202-224-4774              202-224-3514

Tom Coburn (OK)                      202-224-5754              202-224-6008

Lisa Murkowski (AK)               202-224-6665              202-224-5301