Apples genetically modified won’t turn brown -but what else will they do?

Wednesday, September 19, 2012 @ 07:09 AM
posted by Rudi

Written by Max Goldberg

Let’s put this under the You Just Can’t Make This Stuff Up category.

Under a new USDA fast-track process, a Canadian company is asking the USDA to approve a genetically-engineered (GE) apple that will not turn brown when sliced.

Now for some questions……

What happens when an apple is sliced open and exposed to oxygen? It turns brown.

Does it lose any of its flavor or nutritional value? No.

Does the apple industry want this GE-apple? No.

The U.S. Apple Association, Northwest Horticultural Council (which represents Washington apple growers, who grow over 60% of the apples in the U.S.), British Columbia Fruit Growers Association and other grower groups have already voiced their disapproval of these GE-apples due to the negative impact they could have on farmers growing organic and non-GE apples, and the apple industry as a whole.

Could these GE-apples contaminate nearby organic apple farms and other non-GE apple farms? Yes.

And if this happens, these organic apple orchards will lose their organic certification, putting their owners in serious financial peril and decreasing the amount of organic apples in the marketplace.

Could these unlabeled GE-apples end up being consumed by innocent babies and kids? Yes.

They could find their way into non-GE fruit slices, juice, baby foods or apple sauce at the processing level, products predominantly consumed by children and babies who are at increased risk for any adverse health effects.

Who benefits from a GE-apple?

The biotech company making this very unnecessary food product, Okanagan, and the chemical companies who are selling the toxic pesticides to be sprayed on it. From what I have read, Okanagan’s non-browning “Arctic” apple would be first commercialized in Granny Smith and Golden Delicious varieties.

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