THE MILLION MOMS4POP PLEDGE – for Healthy Foods and Choices

Tuesday, May 1, 2012 @ 11:05 AM
posted by Mik and Rudi

THE MILLION MOMS4POP PLEDGE FOR HEALTHY FOODS AND CHOICES  *Note: We will have an online version soon – please let us know if you sign this pledge.)

POP Campaign (Preserve Organic Power)• MOMS4POP, Hippocrates Health Institute  – Green Your SPIRIT • Sprout Foundation

This POP Campaign pledge for Moms and Heads of Households is a blueprint for action in Preserving healthy food and supplements and the right to choose.

AS A MOM4POP, I recognize that I am the primary caretaker in the healthy blueprint for organic, alive, nutritient dense food and supplements. I know that the power of organic food lies in its quality, vitality,and aliveness and that access is a fundamental human right. I know that eating healthy organic nutrient dense foods are best for my health. I choose food that is the result of pure seeds, sustainable farming practices, human dignity, economic affordabiity, and local -without deceptive advertizing, manipulation, misleading labels, or genetically altered genes. My greatest assets are my power to choose and my voice to be heard.

Therefore, I am committed to the following:

  • I PLEDGE to transition to 75% to 100% organic food as much as possible for myself, my family and children by December 31, 2013;
  • I PLEDGE to educate myself on GE (Genetically Engineered) food and supplements and to avoid purchasing these for myself and my family and children whenever possible;
  • I PLEDGE to become a voice in the lives of my family and community by sharing what I know about healthier food choices
  • I PLEDGE to establish a healthy food legacy for the children of my home, my community and the world;
  • I PLEDGE to declare that the right to quality, unaltered food the way nature intended is a Human Right;
  • I PLEDGE to protect the highest standards for organic, alive, nutritious, sustainable foods, seeds and whole food supplements;
  • I PLEDGE to be a MOM4POP who continually educates myself about healthier food and supplement choices, speaks out boldly, supports government policies that support my pledge, and makes a difference by my actions and pocketbook.



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