Pop Life!

Friday, November 13, 2009 @ 09:11 AM
posted by Rudi Leonardi

As we accelerate the POP Campaign to Preserve Organic Power in our choices of growing, buying, selling and eating organic produce, fruits, nut,herb and supplements, I am acutely aware of the clashing of common and uncommon sense and the complexity and simplicity of the issues around food safety – especially when it comes to CODEX rules

It all comes down to LIFE – the vitality and vibrance of life-force in our foods and the life-force in our bodies. If you are pro-LIFE (Republican or Democrat), then you should support the vote to Preserve Organic Power in every food bill or issue – a no brainer – you are protecting life. If you are a Democrat or Republican and pro-Choice – then you should protect, support and vote to Protect Organic Power and our freedom to make our own health choices – a no brainer!  Food and health are  bi-partisan issues!

There are simply two worlds, the world we POP in where there are those who support pro-life and pro-choice in food and food supplements; or the world of those those who do not care about life, who want to eventually kill it – and us.  YES, this is a late, late, later term abortion of our lives – very late for some people on this planet – they want to abort our life force we put into our mouths!

The complexity of policy making and food safety, fueled by scare tactics, is at play here. Of course food safety is important, but is not an excuse to kill live food. In the US world of technology with the art of thinking, anyone can solve the problem of tracking a pathogen (a little bacteria guy) to its nest – and get rid of it.  We know it comes from a can in a factory where a worker who ate something for lunch dropped some bacteria into a can before it was sealed; or, it comes from – yes cattle and farm feces – the “five-miles-before-you-get-there stinky manure” that has seeped into ground water and is used on crops twenty miles down stream; or some huge factory source along the production line.

The answer: Send in 20 inspectors directly to that site. Cleanup the source of the problem – not all of the food. A no brainer that makes sense. Or, hire a hound dog to sniff out the source (we can smell manure and feed lots miles away), go to the cow source, become a certified FDA skatologist, and clean up the source and seepage into the water. How good is that? Also, provide training to all of us on how to plant and grow – I think we could do this with some sophistication these days – our grandparents did – yikes – our caveman ancestors did and we survived to today to watch Oprah. WOW – overwhelming, isn’t it – food safety.

Seriously, It looks like they are trying to wear us down and slowly abort our lives so that we either are forced to pop more pills (the other POP), buy more prescriptive drugs, buy fast food because we get too busy fighting the good fight, or just get tired of the whole thing – not having the energy to live, we roll over and fly off into the clouds. This would be cheaper on the system – we put in one big transfusion of cash for medical treatment before we leave to balance out whatever we took out in our lifetime and then cut ourselves off of any long-term social security or pension dependency – leaving a whole bunch of assets for our heirs and children to go on a  McDonalds hamburger spree or buy a whole cow for a back yard bar-b-q to celebrate that we died peacefully.  And, it starts all over again.

Phew – now that is a cleaver abortion-of-life game. Say NO! Support POP – Preserve Organic Power –  Preserve Life and Our Choices.

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