Tuesday, November 30, 2010 @ 08:11 AM
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Thanks for ALL of your support on the push back and throughout the year – our community is what we are about.

The Food Safety Bill has passed in Senate 73-25 and now goes to House for reconciliation which we’ve been told will be quick with no changes. Our engagement in this process with all of you has made this bill much less onerous than what we started with.

What did we achieved as the POP Campaign? Last December we got Senators Harken and Hatch going on the record that the FDA could not harmonize Codex regs for dietary supplements without Congress. Over the year, we got small business exemption language in the bill, furthered by the Tester Amendment, we got clarification that farmers markets and road side stands are not adversely affected, we got an arms length protection over our personal gardens through many discussions (only in an emergency), and a significant report-back of the FDA to Congress on its implementation of Codex. There has been much traction and credible visibility all along the way with our presence in DC with Beth Clay and participation in discussions at so many levels.

This is just the beginning of our work to engage with the FDA in its regulatory process and hearings. We will as a community need to watch-dog and educate the decision makers who will write the new regulations to protect our organic community and choices. We promise you, if the FDA goes too far, the POP Campaign will reengage in the 112th congress to take appropriate action.

Thanks for all of your support – keep it coming and we will keep your voice alive.

In the January Hippocrates magazine – Healing Our World, there will be a new article presenting future POP Campaign strategies – we hope to work with you towards healthy food freedom and choices.

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