Thursday, November 18, 2010 @ 10:11 AM
posted by Rudi

On Wednesday 11/18, the Senate passed a cloture vote on the Food Safety Bill S-510 – a vote for heading off a filibuster by setting a time limit to debate, to allow discussion, and to move the bill towards eventual passage. There is a 30 hour time limit triggered which is running even when the Senate is not in session. This means that there will be another procedural vote, on 11/19 at the latest, to move the Bill forward to set up a vote.

It is expected that the vote will be held after Thanksgiving – primary reason is that Chairman Harkin will be issuing a new version of his package which may include additional language and amendments below. Last time the bill grew by nearly 40 pages. There is a rule to post this bill for 3 DAYS before the vote – so everyone can read it and figure out what it says. (Scary how little time is spent understanding ramifications of what passes.)

CHRISTMAS TREE? YES – because so many Senators want to hang on to the Bill their presents and legacies to their Consumers – e.g. Senator Spector (his last Hurrah) with his Steroids Bill, Criminalization Bill – even though the issues of penalties have not been discussed, the BPA amendment, Tester Amendment exempting small growers and personal garden, Senator Coburn’s fiscal control, and 10 or so more. There are many problems and issues with these – it is still not clear how many will be allowed.

HUGE concern, especially for Republicans is the $ 1.6 Billion price tag for the bill over the next 5 years -a conservative figure – phew.

The Democrats have the majority – this is all that is needed – OUR FOCUS will be to educate those on the fence – VERY HEAVY negotiations are going on at this time – parliamentary proceeders gone wild. Stay tuned.

CALLS YOUR SENATORS: There will be a huge information blasts to everyone we know to CALL YOUR SENATORS : YOU CAN ALSO DO THIS TODAY – This bill is NOT good for consumers – it is bigger and expensive government, will drive small businesses out of business, cost of food WILL increase fro ALL OF US, encroachment of regulations will reach our personal gardens (right now, no kidding). This bill does not solve the Food Safety issues or make food safer – the FDA has the power to do this now and does not – there is a need to rethink this entire food strategy next Congress. VOTE NO, Senator

See the numbers on our site: Only change is West Virginia where Senator Mansion has replaced Senator Byrd – 202-224-3954.

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