End of Session Update – A HUGE Success

Thursday, September 30, 2010 @ 08:09 PM
posted by Rudi

Great News! The Food Safety Bill S-510 is stalled in the Senate. Congress listened to those of you who voiced your opinions, great points and created a push-back. We can do so much together. The unanimous vote tactic was blocked by Senator  Coburn who would not bend under pressure. Also, Congress just did not complete its work on the appropriations for this bill which carries a huge price tag – for many reasons: time crunch, political positioning and a “watch & see” hold until the election results. Campaigning is all that is on everyone’s mind these days and everyone wants to be back in their states.

We watched every step and every attempt Senators made with Beth Clay on the pulse in meetings and attending sessions, and we contacted Senators strategically to get the end result needed. Thank you for responding when you hear from us, and a HUGE thanks to everyone who called Senate offices and participated in the POP Campaign voice. It worked.

Now, please take the time to speak with those running – about our food choices, food safety concerns, supplements, Codex, the criminalization efforts, the FDA empowerment, etc. Now is one of the best times to look your representatives in the eyes and connect with your genuine stories and authentic concerns.

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