KEEP CALLING – Just a few more days to go!

Thursday, September 23, 2010 @ 08:09 PM
posted by Rudi

The pressure is on to keep the Food Safety Bill -S 510 – from getting to the Senate floor for a vote – only a week to go. It is critical now to call all of your Senators – educate them as to the problems with the bill – ask them to hold up a vote until there is more discussion on the impact on our personal gardens, more clarity on where the money will come from to fund the FDA (hundreds of new agents), more consideration of new fees for farmers and organic producers being too costly in tough economic times (as well as thousands of dollars in new records compliance) and all passing the costs through to us consumers, answering questions more thoroughly as to why the FDA wants more power when it could not effectively use the power it now has effectively e.g. compliance on the egg salmonella recall – the FDA knew what was happening; and, clarity on any bleed through pertaining to CODEX implementation. Stop the power grab among agencies and get them communicating with eachother -even ask for a communication plan – just like families do for an emergency – before enacting a “one size fits all” or “chainsaw approach where a scalpel is needed” headline grabbing approach to policy making. Keep up the educational calls. Let them know how we feel.

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