Call 202- 224-3121 to express your GMO Labeling Concerns to your Senators – GET MAD

Monday, November 30, 2015 @ 05:11 PM
posted by Rudi

Dear Friends and Colleagues…… before the Senate Votes in December! 

                  & GO MAD – GO Motivate GO Advocate & GO Donate…..  
To SAVE OUR CHILDREN.  food labels are necessary so we can easily make healthy choices.As parents supporting the POP CAMPAIGN, Preserve Organic Power, it is up to us to act to protect our children’s health and their children’s health and to protect our rights for truth in labeling. YES we are all busy and yet, this issue is too important to leave to someone else to do for us.

THREE – yes 3 easy things to do today to SAVE OUR CHILDREN!   We then will know that we did what we could for generations to come….

 1.  M = MOTIVATE – As Moms and Dads, We Motivate

Working Together we mobilize. How?  Act ourselves. Then, forward this to 3 other Moms or Dads (or groups) who have children and please MOTIVATE them

 to step up now             •  to speak out now                • to care now

about their children’s future…….let’s get the word out in a big way to  SAVE OUR CHILDREN.

Call your Senators at 202- 224-3121 to vote & support mandatory GMO labeling…. validate our message that parents nationwide demand mandatory labeling….for all food…Don’t keep us in the Dark …. especially for baby food for children under the age of 3 years.

Mention the POP Campaign – Preserve Organic Power – POP has Beth Clay, a mom of 4, in DC engaging directly with the Senate and  White House…keeping our message alive.

2. A = ADVOCATE – As Moms and Dads, We Advocate

TODAY WE CAN take the time to have our voices heard when it really counts – NOW!

TODAY WE CAN  connect as “the People” with other parents for a BIG  – YES for GMO LABLES

TODAY WE CAN post on Senators’ Social media outlets to label GMOs and to help us

                                          “SAVE OUR CHILDREN”

 3. DONATE – As Moms and Dads, We Donate

The POP Campaign and MOMs4POP Need Your Help to continue our presence in DC and continued raising your voice on these issues.  We are asking everyone to donate at least $20 to our non-profit campaign.  (Large donations of course are welcomed – thank you).

PLEASE DONATE here @   Make a difference for you & your Children




               PUSH TO MANDATE GMO LABELING…….NOW Label our food last-1

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