Rudi Leonardi

Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 6-1.53.35 PMAs co-founder of the POP campaign, Rudi is an advocate and educator of the “green”, health and wellness movement with a special emphasis on developing a lasting impact on people’s lives through living food and healthy sustainable value driven businesses. Rudi is a passionate and creative systems thinker and master strategist who has 30 years of solid business, public policy, collaborative problem solving, executive coaching and consulting.

He has been inspired throughout his professional career by everyday people who have emerged as leaders and become stakeholders in social projects and outcomes larger than themselves. His background includes spearheading a County wide green initiative project through the Stimulus Package, participating as an associate member of the Marin Economic forum, contributing as a legislative advocate for CAL/NEVA – a voice for nearly 6 million California residents, serving as a public official with the City of Oakland and participating in many international projects.  He has experiences in executive roles such as President, CEO, COO, CFO and has developed strategic and profitable outcomes while holding a third and fourth bottom line. He is a published writer and artist of classical magical realism.

Brian Clement, Hippocrates Health Institute Director

Brian Clement has spent more than three decades spearheading the international progressive health movement through the intensive study of nutrition and natural healthcare. All of his work has culminated in the creation of the renowned Hippocrates Health Institute, the world’s foremost complementary residential health center. He is the Co-Director and Co-founder of the Hippocrates Health Institute alongside his wife Anna Maria Clement, also a Co-founder and the Chief Health Administrator. Together with their team, the institute has developed a state of the art program for health maintenance and recovery.

Their Florida (U.S.A.) center has pioneered a program and established training in active aging and disease prevention.  With thousands of people participating in this program over the last half century, the Institute has accrued volumes of data about the lifestyle required to maintain youth, vitality and stamina.

Among Brian’s many publications are Living Foods for Optimum Health, Longevity, and Lifeforce.  His latest book, Longevity, delivers cutting edge knowledge coupled with a common sense practical approach that will raise your level of health and happiness.

Brian’s close relationship with Clinton Miller opened up an essential link to legislative representation for POP. The Hippocrates Health Institute supports our visibility in Washington D.C. through countless contributions and relationships that reinforce our powerful and effective representation.

The Hippocrates Health Institute also joins the POP Campaign on the battlefield. The most current project for Brian involves legislative work to support supplement safety on an international level.

Alongside his tremendous support for POP, Brian’s role as progressive health educator, advocate, and practitioner has led him to nationally and internationally create, establish, and direct many spectacular health programs motivating a very eager public to take actions to improve their lives.

To find out more about Brian Clement and HHI, check out the website at

Beth Clay

Beth Clay is a name familiar to many in the health freedom movement and a name particularly special to the POP Campaign. Currently she is working as the POP Campaign’s lead health representative in Washington D.C. In the past she gave over a dozen years to public service. She played vital roles in citizen representation in areas such as alternative medicine, pediatrics, medical injury, FDA regulations, health care disparities, integrative medicine and more. Beth served as a Professional Staff member on the Committee on Government Reform.  The Government Reform Committee is the largest committee in Congress with the broadest oversight reach across government agencies.

Beth is also the Senior Vice President with Capitol Strategy Consultants. Since entering the private sector, she has been working tirelessly to promote health freedom and to protect the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA).  This year, Beth has worked tirelessly to frame dialogue and to foster reasonableness in protecting DSHEA and our domestic food supply from any Codex bleed through.  Beth has brought strategic common sense and sound rationale to all conversations around our health laws and safety, as well as supplements.

Clinton Miller (Clinton Passed July 24, 2013)

Clinton Miller is an extremely beneficial legislative advocate, alongside Beth Clay, for the POP Campaign. Clinton is also a Health Freedom Lobbyist for the Health Freedom Fund. For the past 50 years, he has tirelessly worked to represent all of our most fundamental health interests in the political realm. His largest contributions have included the introduction of the Informed Consent Amendment of 1962—which required informed consent from patients for medical procedures—his defeat of the Quackery Act, and his successful efforts for the unanimous passage and enactment of the Proxmire Vitamin Bill of 1976—that prevented high potency vitamins from requiring prescriptions. Currently based out of Utah, he works closely with Beth Clay and the POP Campaign in order to collaborate and optimize strategies to meet the most successful outcomes.